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Become a Yoga Teacher – Next Course begins Sept 2022 – June 2024, in Northampton

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma (RYT 200)

Teach your passion - Become a Yoga Teacher

Join this wonderful profession and let your passion for yoga inspire others.  This 2 year part-time course will give you all the tools, knowledge and experience to go on to be an inspirational yoga teacher, sharing your practice and expertise with others.  You will be fully supported throughout the process, learning in a structured way to enable you to grow and thrive in your own practice whilst developing the skills to teach others.  Assignments and reading are spread evenly over the 2 years for you to delve deeper into the subject without feeling overwhelmed.  Each month you will build on your practical experience and teaching practice so that by the time you’ve completed the programme you will be confident to go into any classroom and deliver an inspiring session.

Lyn is an experienced Yoga teacher with almost a decade of yoga teaching and more than 20 years of teaching experience.  She will provide you with all you need to develop your own unique yoga teaching style through her comprehensive course.  Lyn’s course is a supportive, small group course, perfect for anyone who may need that extra bit of assurance.  She offers a tailored approach, where students receive one-to-one clinics to discuss progress and receive support in the areas they need the most.  She understands that learners are all different and that flexible support is the most effective way of enabling people to achieve their goals.  There is also a strong emphasis on gradually building confidence in class delivery and management which is ideal for those students new to teaching and public speaking.

The Teacher Training Course is delivered over 2 years.  The first year is the Foundation Year, offering a First Year Diploma where you will learn the fundamentals of yoga, the background, literature, classic asanas and the anatomy.  During this first year you’ll be introduced to the basics of teaching and effective delivery.  It is possible to complete the Foundation Year and receive a diploma for this section without continuing on to the second year.  You may choose to take this option if you are just wanting to deepen your knowledge of yoga without wanting to become a Yoga teacher.  The second year completes the 200 hour YTT course by looking deeper into the practices within yoga, meditation, breath and mind whilst developing the skills needed to deliver safe, encouraging, tailored and varied classes.  For further information, please review the skeleton curriculums for both years.  Please note however, that the course content is subject to change as FRYOG review their courses and make some updates (expected Oct 2022).

Due to the rise in popularity in yoga, a number of Yoga teacher training courses have been developed without the high standards and support needed to provide the knowledge and confidence needed to begin your own classes.  FRYOG is one of the most respected teacher trainer courses available and will provide all the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable you to embark on your new yoga career at the end of the training.

Lyn is an approved Yoga Teacher Trainer for FRYOG, Friends of Yoga International, which was founded in 1970.  Successful completion of the course will provide you with a Registered Yoga School Dip FRYOG 200 hr.

Friends of Yoga International (FRYOG) is a:

  • A Yoga Alliance Registered School (RYS 200 HRS)

  • A member of the British Council for Yoga Therapy (BCYT)

  • Affiliated with the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM)

  • A member of The Independent Yoga Network (IYN)

  • FRYOG trained teachers are acknowledged and registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS)

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What you need to know

What are the pre-requisites for the course?

First and foremost a passion for yoga and wanting to inspire others.  Ideally you should have developed a personal practice for at least 1-2 years.  You will be asked to demonstrate you have attended a regular yoga class for around 2 years prior to the course beginning, for example a reference from your teacher. 

Please direct all initial enquiries via email to  She will make contact with you and arrange a chat to determine your suitability for the course and make you aware of the commitments etc.

How to register for the Yoga Teacher Training Course?

In the first instance, contact to register your interest and current level of yoga experience.  Lyn will reply and take a few contact details and arrange a telephone/Teams call to tell you more about the course, suitability and go through any of your questions.  At that point a place may be allocated and the deposit taken and you’ll be asked to become a member of FRYOG (registration fee £20).  You will receive further information and dates/times of the course too.

When does the next 2 year course begin?

September 2022 is the next course.  The training runs the second Sunday of each month (excluding Jul and Aug) from 11th Sept 2022 to 9th June 2024.  Training is a full day from 10am – 5pm with scheduled breaks/lunch. 

Where is the training?

The training days are held in the Ideas Room, Northampton High School, Newport Pagnell Road, Hardingstone, NN4 6UU.  There is plenty of free parking at the front of the school.  Please report to reception to be shown the way.

How much is the course and how can I pay?

You can choose to pay for the RYT 200 Course in two ways.  For a discounted cost of £2,050 you can pay in full for the course before the start date.  Alternatively, you can pay a deposit of £550 to secure your place on the course followed by a further 6 payments of £275 at the start of each term over the two years.

If you are interested in just completing the Foundation course at this stage, the cost is £1,075 upfront or £540 deposit and 3 further payments of £190 (Total £1,110).  The same costs apply to year 2 if you wanted to split the years and take a break between.  Please allow an additional £110 for FRYOG registration, assessment and certification.

Payment is by BACS and you will be given the details upon registration.

What are the additional costs involved?

Must be registered with FRYOG £20.

£20 Cost for final certificate

£70 Charge for your folder assessed at end of the Foundation Year

£40 Charge for the Practical Assessment

£70 Charge for your folder assessed at the end of year 2

Total: £220

What to expect on the training days?

The training days are a full day, although the day will be varied and enjoyable.  Lyn uses the same varied and fun lesson style in her training as she will be showing you for your yoga sessions.  There will be a mixture of learning activities, practical experience and interaction to make the whole process one you look forward to going to.  Some work at desks as well as on the mat.  You will be expected to arrive in suitable clothing to participate in yoga as well as bring your own mat and props (blanket/block/belt). 

You will not be asked to do anything you’re not fully prepared for and confident in undertaking.

We will begin on time, so people can arrive up to 15 mins before to get settled and organised.  We will stop for half hour lunch which can be taken in the room or purchased over at Waitrose, a 5 minute walk from the school.  You are free to take a walk and get some fresh air during the break.  Water will be available throughout the day, but you will be expected to bring your own snacks/lunch/drinks. 

Do I need to be really flexible?

No, not at all.  This course is to develop your knowledge of yoga and to be able to teach others.  This can be done through verbal instruction and you don’t always have to demonstrate postures.  You do not need to be able to perform all the postures, but a good level of physical fitness would be advantageous for completing the demands of the course.

Do I need a certain level of education to join?

No, although it is worth noting that there is an expectation that you will need to complete additional reading, academic activities and be expected to complete essay style answers in your final exam.  You will be given support and initial study skills to help you if you have been away from formal study for a while.

What equipment will I need?

You will need to attend all sessions wearing appropriate clothes for yoga and bring a mat, block and belt.  In addition, you will need a folder to keep your work/handouts, a notebook and pen to record information.  There will be a reading list given to you on at the first session, though you will not be required to buy all the books.  You might like to purchase a couple from the list or borrow from your local library.  A computer will be required for research, writing up any assignments etc.

What if I can’t attend one of the classes?

We expect a 100% commitment to the in-person sessions, but then of course we recognise that extenuating circumstances occur.  If you are unable to make a class, please give Lyn as much notice as possible so she may adapt or assist you in completing all the required knowledge in another way.  This might involve online attendance or supplementary reading.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered through a full day teaching once per month in person, in a classroom/yoga studio setting.  You will be given supplementary materials and handouts to aid your understanding and given monthly reading/tasks to complete as home study.  The course content will mainly be presented on a smart board/presentation, broken up with practical mini yoga sessions throughout the day.

The monthly classes have a relaxed atmosphere, where anyone can ask questions or clarify understanding as you go along. 

How big are the classes?

You can expect a small class of around 6 people where you will get to know others and become firm friends.  We will let you know the exact size of the group before the course commences.

How much help and support will I get?

Lyn is an experienced yogi and teacher and will guide and support you throughout the course.  You will have access to her email for any questions or help needed.  The environment is supportive and inclusive and you have no need to worry. There will be set reviews and online progress discussions where you can talk confidentially and in private about any difficulties or answer any questions you might have.

How much extra study/time is required?

You will be required to put in extra study time outside of the classroom to develop the knowledge needed to become a successful RYT200.  You will also need to keep a diary of all the yoga sessions attended to build up the 200 hours, these sessions will need to be signed and confirmed by a qualified yoga teacher.  We expect students to attend a minimum of 3 yoga sessions per week.

Who is the course open to?

The course is open to anyone who meets the pre-requisites.  Male or female, old or young, local or not.  As long as you can attend, have a passion for yoga, a willingness to learn and a desire to inspire others then this course is right for you. 

Why is the course 2 years?

Becoming a confident and successful yoga teacher does not happen overnight and there are a variety of course options available.  This is not one of those intensive courses.  This course is spread over time to allow you to complete the knowledge at your own pace.  To give you time to assimilate and integrate your learning into your own practice so that by the time you finish the 2 year course you will be feeling ready and eager to set up your own yoga career.

Yoga Class

Course Details

Course Overview

The first year is known as the foundation year and covers comprehensive and holistic Hatha Yoga including physical, mental, ethical, philosophical and spiritual yoga.  The foundation course is open to anyone who has been practicing yoga for a while and would like to learn more about the practice. 

For those wanting to go on to teach, following successful completion of the foundation course, the second year delves deeper into all aspects of yoga as well as the skills and abilities for teaching successful, safe yoga sessions.  The emphasis is more of the practical elements of teaching, planning, structuring and organising classes as well as more thorough knowledge of meditation, the body and integrating these into your practice.

The course is spread over 2 years to give students the opportunity to complete the wider reading and home study to build knowledge and confidence, as well as embrace the life and ethics of a yogi.  At the end of the 2 year study period there is a practical assessment and exam.

Course Breakdown

Foundation Year

Course introduction and study skills.  The origins and fundamentals of yoga and main paths

Yogasana, classical yoga philosophy, ethics and therapeutic value

Pranayama and Mudras

Physical preparation of postures, their benefits and cautions.  Developing a personal practice.

Yantras, Mandalas, Bandhas and Chakras

The body.  Systems of the body; respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous 

Anatomy; skeleton and muscles

The mind and yoga.  Meditation, Mantras and Sankalpas

In depth study of Yoga Philosophy including The Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Patanjali Sutras

Yoga literature, historical and modern works

Second Year

The nature and history of postures, structure of sessions and linking moves

Teaching methods, class management and lesson planning

Developing skills as an effective teacher and mentor

Pranayama, Meditation and Mindfulness

Kriyas (cleansing practices) and Koshas, yoga diet and Ayurveda

Teaching groups and building confidence in the classroom

Deeper knowledge of asana, teaching asana and integrating bio-mechanics

Deeper knowledge of the mind, sense withdrawal, concentration and meditation

Supporting students, mentoring, equality and diversity

Class set-up, administration and general marketing